A vertical sundial , as the name implies, has its dial mounted vertically, usually on the wall of a building. in distinction to a horizontal dial which has its dial plate placed horizontally, either on the ground or on a pedestal.
  Geographical location Dial Type
52°33'N 2°44'W
St. James'Church, Cardington, Shropshire
Photo By
John Lester
British Grid Reference
SO 506951
St. James'Church, Cardington, Shropshire

The original dial was vandalised and its pedestal broken. The pedestal was repaired and a new dial fitted as a Millenium project.

The dial was made by Abraham of Bath and shows hours from IIII toVIII, subdivided into halves quarters and, on an outer scale, into five minutes intervals.It has an 8 point compass rose.

The dial is shaded by trees for much of the day.

John Lester

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