A vertical sundial , as the name implies, has its dial mounted vertically, usually on the wall of a building. in distinction to a horizontal dial which has its dial plate placed horizontally, either on the ground or on a pedestal.
  Geographical location Dial Type
52° 39'N 2°31'W
St. Lawrence's Church, Little Wenlock, Shropshire
Photo By
Phil Walker
British Grid Reference
SJ 647068
St. Lawrence's Church, Little Wenlock, Shropshire

Little Wenlock is the second highest village in Shropshire, at 730 feet.

For over 800 years a church building has stood on the site of the present-day St. Lawrence

The dialplate in the churchyard is not very interesting but its pedestal is. Cast-iron, it was made by the well-known Coalbrookdale Company in the 19th century. Coalbrookdale is only 2 miles from the village of Little Wenlock.


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