A vertical sundial , as the name implies, has its dial mounted vertically, usually on the wall of a building. in distinction to a horizontal dial which has its dial plate placed horizontally, either on the ground or on a pedestal.
  Geographical location Dial Type
52°44'N 2°59'W
St.Peters' Church, Melverley, Shropshire
Photo By
John Lester
British Grid Reference
SJ 332165
St.Peters' Church, Melverley, Shropshire

Melverley is one of the two timber-framed churches in Shropshire, ( the other is at Halston) and is set above River Vyrnwy, the Welsh border.

This is probably a Millenium replacement for an earlier dial and is mounted on a straight-sided chamfered column 875mm high. not subThe hours, shown by Arabic numerals, are not subdivided and the six o'clock line is not at right angles to the sub-style. The gnomon is pierced by a cross.

A plaque, riveted to the dial plate, bears the inscription:

Melverley Church. A place of worship for a thousand years

1st. January 2000

John Lester

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