Google Earth API Samples - Placemark Click Event Handling

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// listen to the click event, 'click', function(event) {
  var text = 'Click:';

  function addToMessage(append1, append2) {
   text += ' ' + append1 + ': ' + append2 + '\n' ;

  addToMessage('target type', event.getTarget().getType());
  addToMessage('currentTarget type',
  addToMessage('button', event.getButton());
  addToMessage('clientX', event.getClientX());
  addToMessage('clientY', event.getClientY());
  addToMessage('screenX', event.getScreenX());
  addToMessage('screenY', event.getScreenY());
  addToMessage('latitude', event.getLatitude());
  addToMessage('longitude', event.getLongitude());
  addToMessage('altitude', event.getAltitude());
  addToMessage('didHitGlobe', event.getDidHitGlobe());
  addToMessage('altKey', event.getAltKey());
  addToMessage('ctrlKey', event.getCtrlKey());
  addToMessage('shiftKey', event.getShiftKey());
  addToMessage('timeStamp', event.getTimeStamp());

  // Prevent default balloon from popping up for marker placemarks

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