A vertical sundial , as the name implies, has its dial mounted vertically, usually on the wall of a building. in distinction to a horizontal dial which has its dial plate placed horizontally, either on the ground or on a pedestal.
  Geographical location Dial Type
52° 38'N 2° 53'W
St. George's Church, Pontesbury, Shropshire
Photo By
Phil Walker
British Grid Reference
SJ 795074
St. George's Church, Pontesbury, Shropshire

Pontesberie is mentioned in the Domesday Book

A Collegiate Church of St. George, Pontesbury was built around 1250 on the site of the old Saxon Minster, and from it a College of Priests served the very large area of Pontesbury Parish.

This horizontal dial, in the centre of the churchyard, is unusual in that it has an inner dialplate fixed onto another bigger disc.

The sundial shows hours from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. (GMT)

The dial has the names of the churchwardens, R Brightland and J Rou----


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