A vertical sundial , as the name implies, has its dial mounted vertically, usually on the wall of a building. in distinction to a horizontal dial which has its dial plate placed horizontally, either on the ground or on a pedestal.
  Geographical location Dial Type
52° 42'N 2°33'W
St.Peter's Church Wrockwardine Shropshire
Photo By
Phil Walker
British Grid Reference
SJ 624120
St.Peter's Church Wrockwardine Shropshire

Parts of Wrockwardine church are older than the mid 12th century and there was a priest in 1086.

The dial in the churchyard is dated to 1750, inscribed with the names of the two churchwardens, Tho. Onions and Rob. ?akin and the maker, R. Humphries.

It has an cast-iron fluted pedestal, from Coalbrookdale, and probably more recent than the dialplate itself.

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