The World of Artisan Sundials
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Worldwide Spectra Sundial Locations
We hope you will enjoy this interactive display of worldwide Spectra sundial locations. Use the various controls to scan around and zoom in for a closer look, or move the globe with the cursor and mouse button to pull locations into view - then zoom in with the mouse wheel. The position of the spectrum bar on each Spectra sundial icon indicates the direction that the sundial at that location faces. Click on any location to see the sundial layout or picture of the sundial, then click on the thumbnail image in the balloon to open a new window with a more detailed description of the sundial, a larger version of the image and any links that may lead to more information that may be available about the sundial online. Double-click on any icon to zoom in closer, and click on the "N" in the compass ring at top right if necessary to re-orient the map so that up is north.
Feel free to experiment and have fun!
All the Spectra Sundial positions on this globe have been moved from the precise spot or address for which they were designed to their corresponding city centers to protect the privacy of all Spectra Sundial owners. As a result, multiple Spectra Sundial placements within any one city or town are not identified individually unless they are special edition sundials or unique circumstances.
The state of this World of Artisan Sundials is very dynamic and changes constantly as new sundials are created and also as our Spectra sundial owners move around - some contact us to have their sundials reconfigured for their new location and some do not - so we do not always know when our sundial locations change. Artisan Industrials makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of this global representation and will periodically update and revise it to keep it current.
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